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Heliopan 703776 37mm Infrared and UV Blocking Filter 40

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  • Heliopan machines their filter rings from quality brass tubes and black anodizes and silk screens
  • Minimal reflections on digital sensors because of the matte black filter rings.
  • At least one high-quality hard coating on each filter side to reduce stray light, to maintain
  • Proides Sharper Images / Better Color.
  • Suitable for Digital or Film Photography.

This is the 37mm Infrared and UV Blocking Filter (40) from Heliopan. According to Kodak a BG39 has 85.2% transmittance at 400nm and 17.8% at 700nm. It is designed for use with black and white and color films that are sensitive to certain values of infrared and UV light not visible to the human eye. Using traditional contrast filters such as a yellow 12, red 25 or green 15 will prouce a color shift which may not be desired in the final image. Greens may become blue, red becomes green and yellow becomes blue/green and infrared becomes red. CMOS and CCD sensors and chips are very sensitive to infrared light because of the coatings on these surfaces. Even if your camera has a built-in IR filter, there can be noticeable color shifts or incorrect exposures due to any number of factors. However, Heliopan proides specific filters that completely block infrared rays resulting in more precise color control. In order to achieve correct exposure, testing is strongly recommended since infrared contamination can vary depending on time of day and the conditions under which you are shooting. It should be noted that for digital landscape pictures Heliopan recommends the R715 to RG830 filters. In the black and white mode you can see the proer exposure in the camera display. In the color mode you can see it in the histogram display. This applies especially for the red channel. The reputation of Schott glass is world renowned. The high prouction standards combined with a sturdy brass filter ring make Heliopan filters hard to beat. These filters have a “heft” to them that is impressive. They may feel heavier but the benefit is in the construction and results. Not only is the glass exceptional but so is the seal between the ring and glass. Schott Glass used in the manufacture of this filter is legendary and synonymous with the highest standards of filter prouction. The filter ring is made from brass yielding a stronger prouct. Brass filter rings are also les

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Written by tylerbrandi28

May 28, 2013 at 1:45 am

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